Sunshine Lullaby is now offering Layaway!

What is layaway?
  • Layaway let's you put down a deposit to hold an in-stock item in our store until your balance is paid off.  

How does layaway work?

  • Send us an e-mail at with the subject "Layaway". In the body of the e-mail please list the in-stock item(s) you wish to put on layaway along with your PayPal e-mail address.
  • We will then invoice you for the balance. At that time you must pay 15% of the total balance. If you fail to pay the 15% down payment your items will be put back in stock and will no longer be held for you. 
  • The 15% down payment is non-refundable.
  • You will have 2 months to pay your balance. 
  • Once the balance is paid in full we will ship your item(s). 
  • If you wish to cancel your layaway, your 15% deposit will not be refunded. If you made any payments after the initial deposit, that amount will be refunded to you. 
  • If we do not hear from you after a week your balance is due your order will be cancelled. 
  • Layaway does not stack with other promotional offers, sales or Sunshine Surprise Packages. 


*Layaway will not be immediately offered on new limited edition releases. It will be available two weeks after the release.